Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Actor Todd Bridges and his brother James Bridges have recently released a film about overcoming the hurdles of the foster care system. The movie is about a Virginia girl who elopes with a married man to seek a better life in California and to escape the ills of sexual abuse by her step father.

The film titled, “Foster Babies” is a true life drama told from the perspective of Todd’s long time church Pastor, Bishop Ernest Johnson (Jesus Is the Answer Apostolic Church of Gardena, Ca.) who supported Todd through all of his trials and past addictions.

Ernest Johnson (“Flossin” and “Auto Recovery”) also wrote and produced “Foster Babies). Ernest tells the story of how his mother ended up under the power of Compton California pimps where from her street life, she birthed three children.

It is also a dual story of the middle son Ernest who struggles to overcome all of the hurdles of being in the foster care system and his success after the death of his foster care provider.

This is truly an inspirational story about a single woman’s success against all odds and a young teen’s story about succeeding in life after foster care, without the support of the system.

The film stars, Dori Bridges (Wife of Actor Todd Bridges) and Todd Bridges (“Different Strokes”), Tyrone Burton ( “Parenthood”), Betty Bridges, and Aaron Meeks (“Soul Food”) and a host of talented actors who bring this life re-enactment to life

Todd and Ernest founded the Todd Bridges Youth Foundation as part of the re-building efforts after the destruction resulting from the Rodney King verdict in 1992.

Todd is currently appearing on the Chris Rock hit show everybody hated Chris in a reoccurring roll. Foster Babies is available everywhere DVD’s are sold in stores and online.

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