Wednesday, May 27, 2015

With the Kobe Bryant fiasco dominating the summer sports scene in L.A., everybody has an opinion and even if you don't have a hidden camera, people definitely have things to tell the Lakers superstar.

At the Fairfax Summer Basketball Classic, both players and spectators had their opinions on whether or not Bryant should be traded. Most wanted Bryant to stay because they have grown up watching him for the past decade.

"I love Kobe, L.A. is Kobe. That's the reason I go to games. I think he should stay here and tough it out," Harvard Westlake forward Renaldo Woolridge said.

"I think he should stay cause the Lakers are the team that made him the player that he is," Westchester forward Dwayne Polee said.

"This is his team and he should try to work it out," Fairfax guard Chris Solomon said.

Nearly everyone pointed at the significant work Bryant had done including three championships, numerous clutch performances and single-handedly carrying the team over the past three seasons.

Some admitted, however, that a trade might be the best thing for all parties.

"I don't think they should trade him, but they probably are," Campbell Hall guard Jrue Holiday said.

"They should try to trade him and rebuild. If he's not happy, he should go," said Fairfax guard Darius Singletary.

"For Kobe's sake, I think he should get out because they aren't trying to win," said Campbell Hall guard Dallas Rutherford. "If he wants to win, he needs to get out cause he wont win in the West."

They also voiced their opinions on the Lakers No. 1 draft pick, Georgia Tech point guard Javaris Crittendon. For the most part, they felt that the Lakers should gone big instead of drafting a point guard for the second straight year.

"Crittendon is a nice guard but they need a big man to rebound for them," said Westchester guard Jarrod Dubois.

"It's a good pick, but not enough to win a championship," Rutherford said. "They don't have a big guy, they don't have anyone who can knock down big shots."

Despite Crittendon's knowledge of the triangle from his high school days, nearly everyone felt the Lakers should have used that No. 1 pick for a big man instead of waiting until the second round. For the most part, the players and fans felt that Bryant should stay in L.A. but the team has done very little to give him help. They may not want to see him go, but conceded that if ownership can't bring anyone in, he should look at other options.

It's no secret he is beloved in this town, so beloved that they have mostly forgiven him for his past indiscretions. Whether or not he gets his wish to be traded, most fans will agree that they and the Lakers were better off for having him over the past decade.

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