Saturday, May 23, 2015

SGT. CHARLES BRAGGG, U.S. Army Recruiter, Los Angeles, CA— No. We should return them to their country of origin and let them apply for citizenship just as we would require for any other foreign national. Our government should also enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books.

DANIELLE LATRISSE, Bi- Lingual Nurse, Los Angeles, CA — I think it is wrong that our government has allowed them to remain in this country illegally without any consequences. Illegal immigrants are overtaking schools, hospitals, housing units and jobs. It is unfair that they are taking services that are frequently being denied Black people.

MATTIE E. FLUDD, In-Home-Heal th-Care Provider, Los Angeles, CA- I do not think illegal immigrants should be granted a pathway to citizenship. I think they should be sent home! Those who broke the law and entered the US illegally should be given a one-way ticket to their native country.

NYEMA SAWYER, Los Angeles County Social Worker, Los Angeles, CA— No. We should regulate the number of immigrants who become citizens and consider the impact their presence has on our communities and social programs and services. The same immigration rules should apply to everyone.

PICCULA ATKINS, High School Teacher, Los Angeles, CA— I think there needs to be reform because they have already overwhelmed our society and a process that is not being enforced by our government. They should not however be given any special or preferential treatment over any other immigrant who wishes to establish citizenship.

STEPHANIE SIMMONS, Human Resources Generalist, Los Angeles, CA— I think they should be given an opportunity as any other immigrant. They should complete the process that is already in place for everyone else and if they complete the process, they should be granted citizenship despite their burden on the social programs to which they may eventually be entitled.

Undocumented Migrant Worker Estimates

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