Friday, May 22, 2015

Queen RA, Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA—I could care less about his personal life. I have had an opportunity to meet with him some time ago and he gave me his full and undivided attention. I ain’t mad at him and adultery is okay with me.

Denise Croasdaile, Africa Import/Export Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA — I think as long as he is being of service to the community and is doing his job, his personal life is none of anybody’s business.

Ann Edwards, Clothing Designer, Los Angeles, CA-I did not like Villaraigosa in the first place and his most recent dalliances do not surprise me. I do not like his arrogance and if he cannot be honest with his wife he cannot be honest with the public.

Brother Ed, Retired, Los Angeles, CAThe mayor’s affair while married should not have any affect on his ability to do his job but it will probably affect some voters and may limit the support he may receive in the future. As a public figure most people hold him to a higher standard.

TALA, Spiritual Entertain-er, Los Angeles, CA— Yes. In a marriage you should certainly behave with integrity, honesty, and commitment. If you are incapable of delivering these qualities in private you probably will not deliver them in public.

Yvonne Worrill, Con-sultant and Smile Sharer, Los Angeles, CA—From a biblical standpoint, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Everyone has something in their private life they are not proud about. With so many important things going on in our country and the world, the media should focus on what is really important


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