Saturday, May 23, 2015

Carrie McClain, Photo-grapher/Student, Los Angeles, CA—Of course Blacks should support Obama. He is not only Black, he is also honest, smart, likable and has a chance to be the first Black president. Also, arriving late at a recent rally, he announced that he was on ‘CP Time’ suggesting that he was Black enough to be president.


Malik Madson, Retired, Los Angeles, CA—Obama is the best candidate and that has nothing to do with being Black. I think that enlightened and grass-roots Blacks will support Obama and with our support, he has a chance to win..


Mohammed Mubarak, Photographer, Los Angeles, CA—I am voting for Obama because he is Black and he is qualified. Blacks that support Clinton are twisted and, at the end of the day, they will see a betrayal. No one is better to do something for Blacks than another Black.


Steve Devosion, Musical Entertainer, Inglewood, CA—I support Obama not only because he is Black but also think that he has the knowledge, skill, and integrity to represent all people in the most powerful position in the world.


Arenda Rashadeen, Business Owner, Harbor City, CA—I support Obama not just for his Blackness but also because I sense that he is capable of treating all people fairly and he is a man of faith and of action.


Freedom Allah, Teacher, Los Angeles, CA—You should not support any candidate merely because of the color of their skin. Blacks should recognize that democrats have not done much for Black people and they should align themselves with candidates who will do something for us.

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