Friday, May 22, 2015

Once again the media ignores our princess actress Halle Berry’s cry for the very aggressive Paparazzi to stop endangering her safety and the safety of her unborn child after running them off the road and then fleeing the scene before police could arrive to investigate them.

I wonder what the media would say if she fled the scene after hitting someone and then left? It would be breaking news quickly.

Paparazzos need to stop their aggressive behavior before they accidentally hurt, or god forbid they kill our intelligent, talented actress who in my humble opinion is more than just beautiful. We are not looking forward to anything happening to our sister like it is alleged in the case of the overzealous paparazzi that were chasing Princes Diana.

Halle I heard you say that the media never talks about this type of story. Well one thing I can assure you is that we here at the Sentinel have a motto. ‘The voice of the community speaking for it self.’ And you and your family are a significant part of our community.

So now once again here is our message to the paparazzos that are reading this kite. “Nothing in that woman’s personal life should be that important to make you want to follow her day and night threatening her safety.

We love your photos but please practice more responsible behavior in your craft. Also consider several facts when making your decision to invade her space. Because “GOD WILLING” soon she will have a son I hope who will punch you in the nose for being rude and reckless. Or she will sort out some real brothers here in the hood that will not accept you just doing any thing you want to our princess.

Halle Berry is our princess and we don’t want her hurt by accident just because someone’s main concern is to get a photo of her.

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