Saturday, May 23, 2015

For as long as she can remember, yogurt enthusiast Peggy Hill has had to drive miles and miles out of her own community in order to satisfy her taste buds’ craving of the smooth tasty treat. But no longer, she says. Hill is set to open her own store, Newberry Hill Frozen Yogurt Gallery, within the next 30 days right in South Los Angeles...with a little something extra.

112207_yogurt“I’m doing yogurt a little differently than the normal yogurt shop,” Hill explains of her store, which will be located at 5001 W. Pico Blvd. 90019. “I’m bringing in some of the flavors that we enjoy in our community.”

Hill begins to list her unusual, yet intriguing flavors such as sweet potato, avocado and carrot then adds, “I’m hoping to be able to pull in some other flavors that I am now testing,” which includes spinach. “My flavors are some of the everyday things that we eat.”

Hill also says that the reason for opening up such a shop and serving such a product is to encourage people to move over a little bit from the norm, meaning ice cream, and over to a more healthy choice.

“It’s time that we brought something into our community that is healthy, good, and stuff that we like that won’t harm our bodies and keep us in a healthy state of mind,” she says with promises of a product that’s low-fat, non-fat, and no sugar added. “And, that’s the reason for the yogurt shop.”

This entrepreneur’s Newberry Hill Frozen Yogurt Gallery will be a self-serving facility where the yogurt - either plain or tart - will be sold by the ounce and customers can choose from a variety of 16 toppings from sprinkles to natural fruit bits.

And for children, Hill is also packaging yogurt push-ups that are packed with real fruit, such as peach.

For further information, Peggy Hill can be reached at 323-932-8888. Newberry Hill Frozen Yogurt Gallery is set to open this month at 5001 W. Pico Blvd. 90019, Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-9pm.

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