Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mary Armstrong, Office Manager, Los Angeles, CA - A happy new year for me will include maintaining a loving and harmonious relationship with my family, continuing with my challenging job, and maintaining good health.


Latoya Morrison, High School Student, Los Angeles, CA - A good year for me will see me making progress on my goals of doing well in school, keeping my friends and making new ones and continuing to focus on my future.


Alexandria Hutchinson, College Student, Inglewood, CA - I will be happy in the New Year if I am able to continue to do well in college in Oklahoma so I may eventually transfer my credits to CSUDH to be closer to my family and friends.


Fabian Wesson, Consul-tant, Los Angeles, CA -  In the New Year I look forward to continuing my wonderful relationship with my husband and family, getting settled in our new home and becoming proficient with my new laptop.


Noelle, Entertainer, Los Angeles, CA - I will be happy if my recently released CD continues to do well in distribution!


Danesha Ramsey, High School Student, Los Angeles, CA - I will be happy in the New Year if I win the lottery. If not, I hope to continue to do well in school so I may eventually earn my own money.

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