Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Question: As we contemplate the accomplishments of Martin Luther King, Jr. and anticipate the success of Barack Obama, what do you think are the biggest challenges facing Blacks in 2008?


Steve Cokely, Researcher, Los Angeles, CA -  We have three levels of challenge.  Level I is to satisfy our primary needs of food, safety and shelter.  Level II is our strategic survival and Level III is protecting ourselves from upcoming world chaos.


Stephanie Killman, Att-orney, Long Beach, CA - Our most significant challenge, in my view, is raising our youth to be respectful of our history and our elders.


Giavanni Washington, UCLA Graduate Student, Inglewood, CA - The biggest problem facing Blacks in America and certainly LA is being true to ourselves, recognizing the value of our cultural contributions, and recognizing the importance of the Black family.


Red Philly, Actress, Singer, Internet-Book Seller, Los Angeles, CA - Our biggest decision seems to be whether or not we support a Black man or a White woman for president. That decision will affect our future and I hope we support Obama.


Cassie Carmichael, West Los Angeles College Student, Los Angeles, CA - Illegal drugs in our community continue to be our biggest challenge, in my opinion. They are the dominant element that destroys our families.  We should also get God in our life.


Tom Jacquette, Watts Summer Festival Execu-tive Director, Los Angeles, CA -  Our 2008 challenges are not much different from years past.  We must continue to develop as a people as we strive for better education, health, jobs, and economic empowerment, the same quality of life issues as in the 1960s.

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