Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ever so freely, my voice discomforting to all who listen.

While standing in line, a pace of two steps per minute, when my coffee is finally served the whipped cream will dissipate, thus the beginning of a troublesome day!

Applied pressure to the center of my steering wheel, alerts the person ahead to speed through the yellow light.

No luck, now who am I to blame as for this week I have been to work late several times!

My co-workers should know not to speak by the frantic stride of my feet. If I don't offer you a smile, don't bother looking at me!

At the end of the day as my doorknob turns with the twist of my key, I ask myself, "Why is everyone always picking on me?"

Ring-Ring-Ring; @$!%*, I've been home two seconds with no time to breathe!


Reader, if these words fit your everyday, the complaint is within thee. Stop; give yourself a moment to conceive. Every person on earth has a bad day, be appreciative to have another for which to achieve (meditate, it works for me)!


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