Friday, April 24, 2015

CNS - Of the 29 bus lines being targeted for partial or total elimination around Los Angeles, 17 are in high-crime areas, 24 in transit-dependant communities, and 20 run close to hospitals, according to a report to presented to the MTA board April 24. Metropolitan Transportation Authority board members ordered the report last month following a public outcry that the planned cuts—many involving the elimination of night service hours in crime-ridden neighborhoods—could put patrons at risk. Board members also called for a list of alternatives that would reduce the same number of service hours without cutting service to high-crime and transit dependent areas.

Metro officials said no such alternatives could be found. The proposed cuts, which would eliminate some 215,000 bus service hours annually, would mostly take effect in June. The cuts are just the first round in a proposed series of reductions in Metro bus service. About 200,000 more service hours are scheduled for elimination by December.

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