Saturday, May 30, 2015

I am sitting in an airport watching the US Dream Team and in awe of just how great they look.  However, as I enjoy and in fact love sports, I have to remember that our real Dream Team is Barack Obama and whomever he chooses as his running mate. 

How many African Americans have dreamed but never thought they would ever see a Black Man as the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party?  How many of us have thought that Americans have come a long way but were afraid to tell anyone that we really do know un-prejudiced White folks. 

Well, Barack Obama is the vision—his nomination is the dream.  And therefore Barack and ? (I am trusting G.W. is not his running mate) is the Dream Team.  African Americans are very sensitive about what we say and what we do for and about Barack.  We believe we must do whatever it takes to preserve the dream. 

So first off I am asking you all to VOTE! And then I am asking you to be responsible to make sure that one person you know votes, and who you may think is suspect (we all know one) also votes.

This is undeniable faith in America, in our people and even in why I believe a Trojan fan and a Bruin fan can coexist in the same house. Come on football season!  Faith without works is nothing but if we all work and believe in the dream it will happen. This I truly believe.

So, whether you agree or disagree, now more than ever I really need your input. I need to hear from you. I need to know what is going on in our community. I also need to know what other stories we need to tell, and what  is on your mind. I really do want to hear from you, I want you to “Talk to Danny.”

Danny J. Bakewell, Jr.
President & Executive Editor

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