Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Question: What is your reaction to the sudden deaths of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes?

AL JOHNSON -  Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac are icons, legends before their time. It’s a tremendous loss for the world as a whole, and I think Heaven is laughing now.

LAWRENCE BROWN -  Isaac Hayes, first African American musician to receive an Academy Award for a music theme for a top selling movie. Bernie Mac, a true master craftsman at his craft of comedy. Two serious losses to the entertainment world.

KENNY JONES - I think that the industry has lost two giants. I did appreciate hearing Bernie Mac and I watched his show all the time. I thought it was unique family entertainment. And of course, Hot Butter Soul... what can you say? Shaft, the whole nine yards. They are really going to be missed. It was shocking to me that they would die so close together.

DIANA PENDERGRASS -  We just suffered a great loss in the music world since we lost Isaac Hayes. As for Bernie Mac, he was a terrific comedian and actor. The Black community will miss both of them.

KAY RAMSEY - After hearing about Bernie Mac I was devastated. And then the very next day hearing about Isaac Hayes I was nearly brought to tears about the whole situation. I was glad about the tribute in Leimert Park.

MARK AMBRUSLE -  I just think it’s a sad turn of events for two people who were so important to the Black community. They are not going to get much recognition in the mainstream media. I just think it’s important that we recognize each of them for what they both contributed in their own way.

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