Thursday, May 28, 2015

Question: With the start of the National Democratic Convention in Denver this week, what is your feeling about Barack Obama?

Tara Wright, Consultant, Lynwood Unified School District, Compton, CA-  I fully support Barack Obama because he will help Black people as well as all of the other citizens in this country and he is the best candidate.

Kimberly Ogwonuwe, Government Intern, Los Angeles, CA -  Barack Obama is a natural leader and is sure to be the next president of the United States. He will have a positive impact on our community, our culture, and our nation.

Jean Chappell, Retired, Los Angeles, CA - I voted for Obama and I think he is the best qualified to be our next president. He will bring a welcomed change to our nation and I predict that he will win the election.

Kelly Shapiro, Attorney, Hermosa Beach, CA-  Obama is a fellow alumni from Harvard Law School and I definitely support him. He convinced (mostly White) faculty and staff that he should be the president of the renowned Harvard Law Review and he will convince the nation that he should be our next president.

Angela Walton, CEO, Melador Technologies, Carson, C - I think Barack Obama is a wonderful, well-qualified Black man whose time has come. I am confident that he will be elected president and we must ensure that Blacks and others get out and support him.

Kecia Barnett, Mail Carrier, Compton, CA -  I particularly like the fact that Obama is a powerful and impressive speaker and well above average in intelligence. His message is clear for all Americans and I believe his talent will carry him to the White House.

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