Friday, May 29, 2015

Hundreds of sentinel readers joined us last week to watch the first historical presidential debate featuring Barack Obama and John McCain.

I was quite impressed with how many of the people who showed up were so tuned into the issues and responded with cheers when Obama make a rebuttal to McCain who continues to pull out his POW card when he's in trouble on a sticking point.

So impressed were those who came out that they suggested we do it again this week for the vice presidential debate, and we will honor their suggestion.

So, just as we did last week, we are encouraging each of you to come out for refreshments and watch the debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin with us here at the Sentinel.
If nothing else, it's an educational forum and an opportunity for us to bounce our opinions about a variety of subjects off each other.

It is also a demonstration of how politically aware we are as well as the many age groups that were represented last week, which spanned at least four or five generations of Blacks.

Many of you were decorated in your Obama T-shirts and hats and wore Obama pins as you had a good time here.
Now don't forget that it is illegal to wear any such gear to the polls to support your candidate of choice.

And of course the best way to show your support for Obama is to vote early or on Nov. 4. Without making your vote count at the ballot box, it is like going to the ATM and expecting money without making a deposit.

See you at the debate party for the VP's on Thursday, Oct.2.

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