Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Inglewood Police Department is introducing new tactical training that is designed to teach officers how to react to potentially deadly situations with more caution.  Police Chief Jacuqeline Seabrooks said that this new training was in the planning stages before the recent series of deadly officer involved shootings.

As a result of an internal organizational audit and analysis, Seabrooks has determined that the Police Department needs to undergo a comprehensive training program.

"These tactics are to acclimate our personnel to less lethal options, and the ability to move amongst the options when confronted with different scenarios when in the field," Seabrooks said.  "There may be a need for the officers to use weaponless defenses.  It could be just using voice control."

The proposed Impact Training Program has been specifically designed to enhance officers' skills by providing standards of performance the officer will be accountable for achieving.

On May 11, officers killed Michael Byoune.  Officers believed that Byoune and two other men were firing on them, even though the men were unarmed.

On July 1, officers shot and killed Ruben Ortega, who was unarmed.  Officers said that he was reaching in his waste band as he ran from the officers.

On July 21, officers shot and killed Kevin Wicks when they said he raised a handgun.

Recently officers fired at least 47 times at Eddie Franco, a homeless man, after he displayed a fake handgun.

The new tactics that will be taught to the 193 Inglewood police officers has been used with success in Oxnard, who has seen a dramatic decrease in complaints against their police department. The training sessions will take three weeks, and will begin on November 5

"One of the consistent themes I've heard from members of this organization is that we need to do more training here," Seabrooks said. 

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