Friday, May 29, 2015

Members of the Los Angeles Community College District board approved $400 million in new college campus projects but board member Angela Reddock, up for reelection this year said she is aiming to "do more."

"Those approved projects will create 6,000 'green collar' jobs in our communities," Reddock said.

"[But] I believe we must do more. I will be urging my colleagues to review proposed construction, renovation and energy-saving improvement projects for our colleges, and accelerate approval of worthy projects. I want our District to create more than 12,000 new jobs as soon as prudently possible."

The projects will begin on the heels of bond Measure J, which voters passed in November 2008 allowing for $3.5 billion in community college funding. The contracts would boost L.A.'s economy, said Reddock, where about 2.6 million jobs were lost last year. For 2009, LACCD is allocating $121 million in new construction contracts, which will create an estimated 1,676 jobs--$95 million in design work that will create 1,321 jobs and $85 million toward technology upgrades that will require 588 positions to be filled. Ninety-four million will be spent on land purchases for LACCD's building projects, according to news reports.

The LA Community College District is comprised of nine campuses serving 36 cities in Los Angeles County. The eight-member, non-partisan Board of Trustees guides policies and oversees the operations of the District's $600 million budget, operations and curriculum standards. The Board of Trustees serves a vital role in supporting the students, staff and faculty of the system's colleges by developing partnerships between civic and business leaders and institutions, and by advocating for increased state and federal funding for the Community College system.

For her part, Reddock has made the importance of Measure J distribution a priority and a major part of her reelection campaign.

"Our economy is in a recession and we're fighting to keep it from turning into a depression," said Reddock.

"I worked hard to pass Measure J because I knew it would create thousands of new job opportunities in our communities, fund high-tech classrooms for our students, expand job training programs for adults seeking new careers, and give a huge a boost to our District's 'Green Building' program."

Los Angeles voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, March 3 to choose their next Trustee in L.A. Community College Seat No. 2. Four district seats on the LACCD are being contested. Reddock was appointed in April 2007 to fill a vacancy on the Board Trustees (Seat No. 2) after former Trustee Michael Waxman resigned. She faces four opponents in the March 3rd contest, she said.

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