Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jackie Ryan, co-owner of Zambezi Bazaar, showcases the
African-American themed greeting cards.

Photo by Jason Lewis for Sentinel

Zambezi Bazaar in Leimert Park is the perfect little shop when you're looking for those items to give you an Afro-centric feeling. Whether it is books, pillows, hand woven throws, magnets, or figurines, Zambezi Bazaar will have exactly what you are looking for.

"We sell things that are important to our culture," said Jackie Ryan, co-owner of Zambezi Bazaar. "We only sell black genre, because all of the other cultures have their advocate. We are advocates for our shared racial historical experience."

Ryan is very business savvy. Zambezi Bazaar opened 15 years ago, and keeping the products and prices in line with the customers needs is very important.

"Our products are at a price that people can afford," Ryan said. "We want to put out a product that most people can afford. And the most important part is for us to listen to our customers. Our customers made us, they told us what type of product that they wanted, how much they wanted it to cost, what they wanted it to look like."

Out of print literature is very popular at Zambezi Bazaar.

"It is collectable on the world market," Ryan said, "People are looking for out of print books and magazines that have our cultural heroes, not only in America but in Africa."

An issue of Ebony Magazine with Nat King Cole and his daughter Natalie on the cover is on sale, in mint condition. There are also issues of Time Magazine with black figures on them.

Greeting cards is another big seller at Zambezi Bazaar.

"We only sell greeting cards that reflects the African American image and the African American spirit," Ryan said. "We stick to what's important to us. What we look like, what we do, what our hair looks like, where we go to church."

Hand made jewelry made by African American artist are hot sellers. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are on sale.

Like many vendors, Zambezi Bazaar has a collection of President Barack Obama merchandise. Pictures, paintings, hand weaved throws, magnets, stickers, and many other products that have Obama's image can be found at Zambezi Bazaar.

What ever type of decoration you are looking for to give your home or office more of a cultural feeling, it can be found at Zambezi Bazaar.

Zambezi Bazaar is located at 4334 Degnan Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca, 90008. They can be contacted at 323-299-6383.



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