Thursday, May 28, 2015


Fred Hawthorne

Hawthorne Makes Run for Whittier City Council

African American hopes to become first minority elected


By Kenneth Miller

Sentinel Managing Editor


Fred Hawthorne is used to running. The former Venice High School basketball star knows what its like to run up and down a hardwood floor, but the business of politics is a whole different story.


A 2000 graduate of Whittier College where he earned a degree in history, Hawthorne announced this week his plans to run as a democrat for the City Council in the April 2010 election in Whittier.


"I know the odds or going to be against me, but I think that I can do it and I am willing to give it all I got," said Hawthorne.


He has been a resident in Whittier since 1996 and although the 100,000 population is 70 percent Latinos, 18 percent White and 3 percent African American, he believes that time might be ripe for change.


"I am running to create programs for adolescents and tear down the barrier between business owners and City Hall," he added.


The novice will face two incumbents in Greg Nordak, 57, and Bob Henderson, 68, both of whom have been mainstays on the Whittier City Council.


Hawthorne has the backing of professors and the student body at Whittier College and has plans for a massive mailers and other community rallies.


So far he has raised just under $3,000 for his campaign, but anticipates it will take roughly $25,000 for a competitive run.


A former head coach in the Say No summer college basketball league where in four seasons Hawthorne has not won a championship, but this time he says that his goal is larger than a title game or for that matter anything else that he's ever done.


For more information about the candidacy of Fred Hawthorne call (310) 429-4332 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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