Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rep. Watson Announces Federal Appropriations for CA-33 for Fiscal Year 2010 

Rep. Watson issued the following statement: "Each year members of Congress have the opportunity to request funding for projects that positively change their districts for the better. For fiscal year 2010, I submitted 44 projects to be considered for funding. I am pleased to announce that 14 project requests passed the House of Representatives." The following is a list of House approved projects: Recipient / Project / Amount:

AdMeTech / Advanced Diagnostic & Therapeutic / $2,000,000

California State University / Strategic Language Initiative / $3,600,000

City of Culver City / Storm Water Improvements / $500,000

City of Los Angeles / Domestic Abuse Response Team / $100,000

City of Los Angeles / Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration / $1,500,000

City of Los Angeles / Street Lighting Fixture Energy Efficiency Retrofit / $500,000

Duke Media Foundation / Film Career Exploration / $100,000

Los Angeles County MTA / Los Angeles-Wilshire Blvd Bus-Only Lane / $13,558,474

Municipal Transit Operators / MTOC Bus Facility Improvement Project / $400,000

National Medical Association / African Diaspora Health Initiative / TBD

Save Our Future, Inc. / Mothers on the March / $300,000

Para Los Ninos / Renovations at Vermont Child Development Center / $250,000

University of Southern California / Methanol Economy / $750,000

West Los Angeles College / 21st Century Career Program / $600,000

YWCA Greater Los Angeles / Project Empowerment / $100,000

 Total Appropriations: $24,258,474 

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