Friday, May 22, 2015

Holoman Library Donated to Fernando Pullum Performing Arts H.S.

Germaine Jackson-DeCree Principle, Fernando Pullum Performing Arts High School; Fernando Pullum, Founder Fernando Pullum Performing Arts High School; Stephanie A. Holoman, President John H. Holoman Foundation; Lucille Holoman, Vice President John H. Holoman Foundation; Eric Holoman President Johnson Development Corp.; Congresswoman Diane Watson; Were all on hand to dedicate The John H. Holoman Memorial Library.

On Thursday, November 12, The John H. Holoman Foundation donated the entire literary library of John H. Holoman to the Fernando Pullum Performing Arts High School. The Library at the school was also dedicated on that day in Mr. Holoman's honor.

John H. Holoman became known as the "Original Urban Banker" and later became instrumental in founding the LA Urban Bankers. He was the first African American Senior Vice Presidents of a major banking institution in the U.S. in the late 1970's. He used his position to fight for equal opportunity and access to main stream financial services for all races. He mentored and fostered the career growth of countless minorities in the financial and Real Estate Arenas. He was instrumental in the Consolidated Realty Board and founded many clubs and organizations including the International Rat Pack and The Los Angeles City Club.

As a business leader and activist John H. Holoman became concerned with the manner in which the African American experience was being reported in the mainstream press. He decide in 1982 along with his wife, Lucille to acquire and publish the Los Angeles Herald Dispatch. Their daughter Stephanie managed the day-to-day operations.

John H. Holoman was a consummate businessman. He and his son Eric began Holoman Food Service where they owned and operated 17 Church's Fried Chicken restaurant franchises.

Possessed with an insatiable curiosity and a keen analytical mind, he was a great collector of books. Among them were books on history, sports and politics.

John believed that the measure of a man was not what he took from life but what he gave to it. We felt that this gift to the Fernando Pullum Performing Arts High School was a fitting tribute to such a great man.

For additional information contact Stephanie A. Holoman, president The John H. Holoman Foundation (213) 364-3005.

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