Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wellington's Road: Learn To Listen

By Brian W. Carter

Sentinel Intern

Do you listen? I know it's an odd question but I think it's a valid one. When we were kids it was one of the golden rules. We were told to "listen" to our parents, "listen" to the teacher, and "listen" in church. Well now that we're all grown up, do we listen to others?

Do you listen to your loved ones? Are you aware of what is going on in their lives? Sometimes I think a lot of problems could be solved if we just listened to what people had to say. So many times youth are dismissed and put off to the side because no one listened. I wonder how many young people would be alive today if someone listened.

Relationships between men and women might be one of the most complex social constructs in the world. If you're not listening, you gon' have problems. In order for a relationship to work you have to listen. You have to hear each other out; of course there are other things but listening to your partner is an important key.

We should also try to listen to the people around us: at our schools, our jobs, in our neighborhoods, etc. Learning how to listen to people can increase your awareness of issues and problems you could help resolve. You'll also find that when you listen, you sometimes make friends too.

We need to listen to survive; it's a critical life-long lesson that we need to heed. Learning to listen doesn't solve all of the world's problems but it's a step in the right direction.

Category: Op-Ed

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