Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wellington's Road:  Think Again...

By Brian W. Carter

If you thought the days of Amos and Andy were gone...if you thought you'd never hear the N-word said deliberately to your face...if you thought the threat of being lynched was gone...THINK AGAIN!!!

The recent, blatant racial attacks at UC San Diego prove that the seeds of racism are still being planted. Unfortunately, those old-time, ugly flowers are in full bloom at the campus. From the "Compton Cookout," to a campus editor-in-chief calling protesters "ungrateful niggers," to the hanging of a noose in the school library, things are getting nasty.

The Black students have rallied together with other students of like mind, and are protesting these latest assaults. The UC system is apparently addressing the situation and denouncing the acts of a few, but it doesn't necessarily mean it ends there. The African-American students of UC San Diego, or any school for that matter, need support from the community and the nation.

It's sad to see racism rear it's evil, little head so boldly but not unbelievable by any means. We still live in a society were parents raise their children to hate others that don't look like them. Though we can't prevent other parents from doing this, we can raise OUR children to respect and love others. Killing racism starts with us raising our kids to first love the Lord, next themselves and then they can love others. At the very least, we can teach them to respect everyone.

It's important that we as an African-American community, stand together constantly against racism. We need to put aside our silly idiosyncrasies and become a united front. Racism comes hand and hand with humanity; as long as there are human beings, there will be those who will think, feel or want to be superior. The only way to fight it is by arming ourselves and our children with education, self-respect, and the Lord.

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