Saturday, May 23, 2015

Letters to Malik: Malik Spellman


By Mr. Pitts/Lil Tone

The dictionary defines the word "questions" as a verb. 1) to ask questions; 2) doubt, dispute; and 3) examine, quiz. Yet questions are much more than the definitions found in the dictionary. Thinking, itself, is a system of asking and answering questions. Think about it. To Bang or Not To Bang is one of the most critical questions facing our youth today. Whether it is to start or stop.

With teenagers being in a more biologically rebellious frame of mind, the right answers cannot be given or forced upon them. They must find them within themselves. However, they can be given the right questions that will assist them in finding the right answers. A person can only gain understanding of themselves when they are asked or ask themselves insightful questions--not when they are spoon-fed someone else's answers.

For example, a good question would be, "why do you bang?" A good question asks a mind for answers or solutions. A bad question would be, "why can't you stop banging?" A bad question will ask a mind for excuses.

Questions are one of the best ways knowledge is conveyed. Knowledge always comes from within. A wise person doesn't try to drive knowledge into someone like a nail or fill them with knowledge like pouring Kool-aid into a cup. A wise person awakens knowledge that is already intuitively inside of us. Providing our youth with the right questions can help them see for themselves that gang banging is not a lifestyle, but a death style.

Mr. Pitts/Lil Tone is the author of the forthcoming book "To Bang or Not to Bang - A Book of Questions." He can be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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