Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Leela James
Leela James (Photo by Malcolm Ali)

The artist performed in her hometown, LA at the El Ray Theater

By Elzena Rankins
Sentinel Intern

Leela James...great music, check, stage presence, check, extremely hot show, check!

When you hear the name Leela James you better know whatís up! Tuesday July, 20 at the El Rey Theater Leela James shut it down! She was metaphorically on fire. When the lights dimmed, the party began! The Los Angeles Native, soulful, afro-centric yet R&B artist has a sound that is so unique, let alone captivating.

Even if you were there and you had no clue of who she was or what her songs were about you would have still got up and danced, thatís how good she was. She was on fire, full of joy and she really put on a show.

If there is one word to describe her show, it would be fun fun fun! Fun was what people had. As she performed with some of the best stage presence I have ever seen. She even invited people on the stage to dance and sing along with her. When she announced the invitation, people were coming from everywhere to join her on stage! It was a great concert with a little bit of everything, mix rock, afro centric sound, and church all in one.

Not one time did she sit down, her energy was off the wall and every song she performed was a get your butt out of your seat and dance song. You literally could not resist sitting down even if you wanted to. The live beat and the energy in the room just did not allow you to.

Leela performed a couple of songs from her latest album, a mix of oldies and a couple from her newest album, My Soul which is in stores now.

For more information go to www.leelajames.com


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