Saturday, May 23, 2015

When thank you just isn't enough, what do I say? I have found that in college "thank you" is a phrase often felt, but seldom spoken. This is because if we were to critically think of all the people who helped us along the way, we would grow weary with the thoughts. Weary with warm thoughts of people who invest time, money, and wisdom in college students who otherwise would not have the resources to attend institutions of higher learning.

I, for one example, have these feelings toward the Regalettes, Incorporated organization. These women have been a pillar of strength in my life. I am honored to have been a grateful recipient of the Regalettes scholarship each year of my college education. As such, they have given me much more than monetary gifts. The Regalettes scholarship means a bond with women who positively influence this world. I am privileged to know them; and even more for them to desire a relationship with me.

This scholarship means having a support system comprised of talented, ambitious women who provide an extra push when it is needed most. It means having a circle of people who understand the harsh realities a college student faces. They try to alleviate a portion of these stresses by wholly giving of themselves. I can remember calling on the Regalettes for support when I decided to study abroad. I think back to when I called on the Regalettes to speak at my organization's event. I, also, recall a time when all I needed was a word of advice, and found myself drawing on the wealth of knowledge that can be found among the Regalettes organization.

All in all, I find myself advocating on their behalf because they empathize with me when I fall short; and celebrate me when I triumph. The mantra "Each one, teach one" will forever be ingrained in my mind thanks to the teachings of Regalettes, Incorporated. Hopefully, other organizations will learn the significance of being active participants in student's lives.

Money is important, but a price cannot be put on a group that has opinions, that speaks boldly, and that believes in community activism. These are the characteristics of a true scholarship that invests in personal achievement, as scholarships were intended to do. I owe a great deal of my own personal achievements to the Regalettes.

Whenever people ask me how it feels to be a recipient of the Regalettes Scholarship for four consecutive years, my response is always pithy. I say, "The Regalettes are my family, not my investors." If most scholarship organizations can grasp this concept, I believe college hallways would be a lot more crowded.

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