Saturday, May 23, 2015


The Streets, My Cradle

Alysha Conner
Sentinel Intern

The streets have become a common home for most African-Americans over the years. Most of us are too stuck in a mindset of drugs, prostitution, or domestic violence to realize the harm we are doing to our race. In Jennifer Lynn Jackson's book, "The Streets, My Cradle", she educates readers of her experiences and battles of living on the streets. She writes her story in the essence of the abandonment, pain, and confusion one might go through if faced in a situation like hers. Jackson writes her testimony as a cry for help for many other children or adults that are or thinking about living the street life.

In "The Streets, My Cradle", Jackson shares her troubled past and how she was redeemed. At a young age she was forced to live her life on the streets and fend for herself. During her street days she suffered from child molestation, participated in child prostitution to pay for her drug addiction, and endured multiple brutal beatings. Yet she's still standing tall till this day. She is a proud mother of six children and six grandchildren, and recently graduated from Los Angeles Southwest College last June as a Chemical Dependency Specialist in Criminal Justice. With the help of her friends, family, and God she was able start a new blessed life full of peace and happiness.

Jackson's book opens your eyes to the real activities of the streets and the toils it takes on one's life. Her book explains how some of the harsh illegal acts trace all the way back to slavery times. She believes that since the end of slavery it has left scars in our minds and is the reason for "all the abusive and destructive pattern of behavior amongst African Americans." Jackson asks the universal question that is the leading cause today of the hate between most Blacks, "if the majority of white people have stopped putting us down as a people, why are we disrespecting ourselves?"

We as a race need to get our priorities straight in order for us to strive for a greater and brighter future rather than living a life of gang affiliation, drug addiction, or any other nonsense. We need to remove ourselves from the mental illness we have set our minds in. With Jennifer's words of wisdom it can certainly lead you to that path. So that we to can shine.


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