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Brian Grant, Sentinel Intern
Brian Grant, Sentinel Intern (Photo by Brian W. Carter)

Brian Grant

Brian Grant is an intern within the Executive and Editorial Department at the Sentinel. Grant is 18 years old and will be a sophomore this fall semester at El Camino, majoring in Photography and Business Management.

Grant plans to transfer and continue his education at USC looking to pursue a career in fashion photography and run his own studio. Some of his other interests include technology, sports and animals.

Grant is interning through the Holman Community Development Corporation's "Jobs for Kids" Program. He has expressed his gratitude for being able to work at the Sentinel and gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Grant gave some advice to incoming college students on how to avoid freshman mistakes and on being responsible. "Make sure you manage your time wisely," said Grant. "You don't want to be up every night working on assignments and lose time to sleep. Also, get to know your professor you can show that you really care about the class and want to learn."

Fehintola Opanubi, Sentinel Intern
Fehintola Opanubi, Sentinel Intern (Photo By Brian W. Carter)

Fehintola Opanubi

Fehintola Opanubi is an intern in the Editorial Department at the Sentinel. She's currently a sophomore at Santa Monica College preparing to transfer to Cal State Dominguez Hills to complete her education.

Opanubi is currently a fulltime student majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She plans on pursuing a career writing for magazines and television. She also has interest in working with non-profit organizations focusing on women's self-esteem issues.

Opanubi serves as a part-time recess supervisor at 74th elementary school. There she helps with homework, recreational activities, self-esteem issues and assistance.

She has some advice for young people about self-esteem and being confident. "Even if it's the wrong way and you end up at a stop sign, you stop and keep going. Sometimes the wrong way can lead you to the right way. There's always room for change. Let yourself be that example."

Opanubi plans to continue her internship with the Sentinel to further enhance her skills as a writer and reporter.

Lauren Perkins, Sentinel Intern
Lauren Perkins, Sentinel Intern (Photo by Brian W. Carter)

Lauren Perkins

Lauren Perkins is an intern at the Sentinel within the Executive Department. She has also contributed to the Editorial Department writing book reviews, proofing and writing articles. Perkins is no stranger to the Sentinel having interned last year writing articles for the Editorial Department.

Perkins is in her junior year at Hampton University majoring in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in Film Production. She hopes to pursue journalism focusing on the entertainment industry and possibly doing some production work for networks.

Perkins shared some words of wisdom for being successful in college. She said it's important to "network within your intended field and learn time management a.s.a.p."


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