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Smith is the catering consultant for the Black-owned food distribution company.

 By Brian W. Carter, Sentinel Staff Writer

Cashimier Smith is the catering consultant  for Glory Foods, a Black-owned manufacturing and distributing company that specializes in quality can goods.

Smith, originally from Columbus, Ohio, learned about cooking at the tender age of five years old. "My mother and my grandmother, they were cooks, we have a very large family, " said Smith. "I've been cooking since I was five, standing up over the stove."

She had cooking in her blood, so it was no wonder that she would end up doing it for a living. Smith went on to start a catering businesses using old time recipes from her youth. "I just started cooking, loved it, enjoyed it," said Smith.

Smith traveled between Ohio and California, catering at various events and she started catering professionally in 1992. She's been connected with Glory Foods for the past six years. Glory Foods products are wholesome, good and feature diet accessible foods. They feature low sodium turkey broth and favorites like red beans and rice.

As a consultant for Glory Foods, Smith is responsible for design and arrangement. She's involved with customer service and enjoys interacting with customers as well. "My job, I enjoy it, I enjoy talking to people," said Smith. "I love hearing the stories...I enjoy telling people how to do the '1,2,3 dressing,' how easy it is with the base that we have and I enjoy...showing them how to get the family back to the table."

She's catered for Mothers in Action, events for CEO and Sentinel Publisher, Danny Bakewell Sr., she's also catered for the Oscars. She sought after by many such as Berry Gordy, Eric Bauman, Edna and Curtis Owen, and many others. Smith recently brought food and goods at the annual Ward Villa Senior Complex for Thanksgiving.

Smith is all about catering good food and reuniting the family. She believes in the importance of family and the need for that bond to return within the Black community. "You learn a lot, and that gives a sense of bonding, said Smith about the family table. "It gives a relationship that we need in our Black families today."

For more information on Glory Foods, you can contact them at To contact Cashimier Smith for catering information, you can contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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