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Author, Larry Yates is tackling childhood obesity and other issues with fun and innovative books.

 By Brian W. Carter, Sentinel Staff Writer

The month of November was Diabetes month, and even though it has come and gone, diabetes has not. It continues to be one of the biggest health issues to tackle. The more disturbing note is that it is affecting our children the most.

According to the CDC, childhood obesity has tripled within the past 30 years. Among children, ages 6 through 11, obesity has increased 6.5% in 1980 to 19.6% in 2008. Among adolescents, ages 12 through 19, obesity has increased from 5.0% to 18.1%. So how do we get our children to understand eating healthy? Larry Yates has come up with a creative idea.

Yates, author, illustrator and CEO of Mechisedec Publishing Key Note Entertainment, has published a series of books that addresses the subject of eating right and being healthy. "The Greedy Mouth and Upset Stomach:  A Children's Story to Help End Childhood Obesity" is a fun and unique way to explain to children the benefits of eating right.

"It is such a tragedy to witness so many children suffer from diseases and health issues caused by obesity. I can't stand by and watch another child die because of poor nutrition...I urge everyone to get involved and help their child, student or patient make healthy choices, so they can live long enough to have a future," says Yates.

He uses clever illustrations with understandable humor that's sure to help any child get the point. The read is simple, basic and gets down to the core of the problem and the solution. Yates does a good job of conveying a fun and unique story that will help kids to understand how their body works.

Yates also has another fun book entitled, "The Greedy Mouth and Achy Tooth" which will be released at a later date. This story addresses hygiene and how kids need to keep a healthy mouth.

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