Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rev. Cedric Alexander and members of Walker Temple A.M.E. Church

The Walker Temple A.M.E. Church family joined with California Senator Curren D. Price, and Bishop T. Larry Kirkland, Sr., presiding prelate of the A.M.E. Church 5th Episcopal District, to give Thanksgiving food supplies for 35 families in south Los Angeles.

Pastor Cedric Alexander said, ìThe Senator's office provided us with 25 turkeys and Bishop Kirkland, Sr. donated another 10 turkeys.† With the financial assistance from the members of Walker Temple, we purchased groceries to go along with the turkeys to make complete Thanksgiving dinners.î

He added, ìAll and all, a diverse community of Hispanics, African Americans, young and old, enjoyed the blessings through the compassion and efforts of a loving congregation.î†

Walker Temple is located at 2525 Trinity St. in Los Angeles and holds worship services on Sunday at 11 a.m. For information, call the church office at (213) 747-7454.

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