Saturday, March 28, 2015

Elder Jeffrey M. Lewis

Men will have the chance to ask questions about health at the “Investing in the Whole Man,” seminar on Saturday, February 26,  from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at  New Antioch Church of God in Christ, located at 7826 South Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles.

“This ground-breaking seminar contains rich coverage of some of the health, mental and relationship challenges that affect men today. Through a series of sessions, participants will learn about the impact of masculinities on health and well-being from five mobile young and mature professionals, equipped with powerful research skills, knowledge, academic integrity and inter-career interests,” said Elder Jeffrey M. Lewis, senior pastor.

“Preserving men’s health in the country is very, very important because many men are still the breadwinners in the families and so if they aren’t healthy – whether it’s mentally, physically or socially – that unhealthiness can have a domino effect on entire families, churches and communities,” said Pastor Lewis. 

“I am encouraging all men over age 18 to attend this lecture and dialogue-based seminar.  Imagine how good you'll feel knowing your mind, body and soul are in good health,” he said.

Charles Freeman, Men’s President, said the event is open to all men regardless of race, origin or creed. The donation is $25 and includes workbook, lectures and lunch. 

To pre-register, visit or call (323) 778-7965.

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