Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bishop Leon Martin

Bishop Leon Martin

The Annual Soul Winning Conference begins Wednesday, March 16, and continues through Sunday, March 20, at Love Peace and Happiness Family Christian Fellowship Church, located at 11022 Old River School Road in Downey.

"We invite the community-at-large to attend this life-changing event which starts each evening at 7 p.m. Our theme is ‘Building a Soul-Winning Team That Glorifies God,'" said Bishop Leon and Dr. Jacqueline Martin.

Also, on March 19 at 10 a.m., the church will hold its ‘Taking It To The Streets' outreach at both the Downey location and at the Los Angeles edifice at 1850 West 54th Street.

Bishop Martin said, "An important reason for our nation's spiritual decline is the church's neglect of soul winning. We are told that this is a "New Day" and that direct soul winning, such as evangelistic services, personal witnessing, door-to-door visitation, and tract distribution, is the method of a past era.

"Yet, the soul-winning Christians of the past did not think of going after the lost as a ‘method.' To them winning souls was a duty, mandated by the Lord's Great Commission. Direct soul winning has not characterized only one era in church history; it has been the passion and work of Bible-believers in all eras.

"Throughout the history of the United States, Christians have engaged in trying to win their fellow-countrymen to Christ! No period of our history has been unaffected by evangelism. Let us organize our churches for soul winning again. Let us, as Christians, return to what our spiritual forefathers always did when they were at their spiritual best, and what God always blessed in a powerful and wonderful way - soul-winning," concluded Bishop Martin.

For information, call (562) 806-9890 or visit www.lphfamily.org.


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