Saturday, February 28, 2015

Here are the winners of the Sentinel’s Black History Poetry Contest: Brunei Terrell, Stevee Asberry, Myra Carter, Taloni Crawford and Christina Anderson. Each of these young ladies displayed talent, intelligence and creativity. We say congratulations to them and wish them the best in their future endeavors!!

Our 1ST place winner is 13 year old, Brunei Terrell, who won the  $500.00 prize with her poem entitled,  “Different.” Congratulations Brunei!

Brunei Terrell


See her? She's not like us.

She doesn't have a pressed shirt, neat hair, and money for the bus.

You're right, it's true. She's not like you.

She ain't got a dime, and her clothes are not new.

Her mom's out of work, and her dad smokes a lot.

But she still comes to school, and smiles with all she got.

Yeah. but really inside, she's probably depressed.

I think she blames it on her heritage.

But she is so happy,

Maybe that's what we should try to be.

Trying to be proud of being a black girl, you see?


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