Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two new Air Treatment Facilities (ATFs) were opened recently in Los Angeles, city council members announced. In full partnership with the Odor Advisory Board and other local community groups, the ATFs were constructed as part of a comprehensive odor management plan to mitigate and address sewer odors in Los Angeles.

"The city values the participation of the community based OAB who volunteered and dedicated their time and effort for nearly 10 years for the betterment of their neighborhood," council members said in a recent press release.

The ATFs treat air generated in the sewer through a biological process involving microorganisms that feed on sewer gases and produce a harmless by product, they explained. The microorganisms used to treat the air passing through the ATFs are safe and commonly found in nature. They consume hydrogen sulfide (the gas that causes the rotten egg odor in the sewer) and convert it into a non odorous acid that is discharged into the sewer.

The air then passes through a carbon scrubber to further remove any residual odor.

"Sanitation is proud that this cutting edge technology has been successful in treating sewer odors," said Enrique Saldivar, general manager Bureau of Sanitation.

"We look forward to continued cooperation and communication with the community and to improving the quality of life in Los Angeles."

The full operation of both ATFS has "drastically reduced odor complaints city-wide," council members said.

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