Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Community Leaders, Teachers, City Workers, Parents and Students Protest at Compton and Ingelwood Schools, and Exxon Stations in Los Angeles

With record profits in Q1 of 2011, ExxonMobil could easily afford to help bail out real people, with real families. According to a recent study by Citizens for Tax Justice, ExxonMobil paid just 0.4% in federal income taxes over the last two years--while unemployment continues to climb in California and workers throughout the state are facing a bleak summer.

Students and teachers in Southern California will leave their campuses for the last time as the semester winds down. How many teachers would keep their jobs if ExxonMobil just gave a small slice of their profits back?

Concerned citizens, activists, workers, students and parents, rallied on Wednesday, June 8 in Inglewood at Inglewood High School, in Compton at Caldwell Elementary School, and at Exxon stations on Florence and in South L.A. They urged ExxonMoblie to give one day of profit to help the community.

The recession may be ending for the rich and powerful, but not for working people. Corporate profits and executive bonuses are back to record high levels, but too many people in our neighborhoods can't find good full time jobs. For those of us who have jobs, wages are going nowhere. That's why people like us are joining together to speak out for good jobs that will put our city on the right track. www.goodjobsla.org.

For more information, please visit www.goddjobsla.org and www.facebook.com/goodjobslosangeles.

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