Sunday, March 1, 2015

LAUSD District 1 candidate George Mckenna speaks with his campaign organizers during his run off kick off in July.  (Mckenna campaign photo)

School Police Endorsement adds More Fuel for August 12 Election

 Touting the enormous confidence they have in Los Angeles Unified School Board District 1 Seat candidate George McKenna, the Los Angeles School Police Association joined the growing list of prominent organizations to endorse McKenna for the August 12 Special Election.

“We have confidence in [George McKenna's] demonstrated ability to protect children in all school environments. As a principal and administrator he always put child safety first, including putting his own life on the line to protect the students under his care at gang-infested Washington Prep High School. Parents will rest well at night with George McKenna on the school board,” said Max Gonzalez, president of the Los Angeles School Police Association.

A Prayer for Brenda Marsh-Mitchell

The McKenna volunteer campaign staff began their work on Monday, August 4 with heavy hearts after the loss of one of their most ardent supporters, Brenda Marsh-Mitchell.

The Rev. Jewett Walker, McKenna campaign director, opened the evening with a prayer for Marsh-Mitchell, thanking her and offering condolences to her family and friends.

Respected Journalists Continue to Expose Our Opponent's Lies

For the third time in the past 10 days, the LA Times called out opponent Alex Johnson’s camp for its shameful campaign of lies and smears. The Times, education reporter Howard Blume exposes several of their misrepresentations, including two about George’s service as a state-appointed administrator at Compton Unified:

“A Johnson flier blames McKenna for inflating graduation rates in Compton, among other things. McKenna's actual role was to correct inflated rates,” said former state administrator Randolph Ward, who now heads the San Diego County Office of Education. “The mailer also says, ‘McKenna was sued by parents for ordering teachers to falsify their students' grades.’ That characterization also is misleading,” Ward said. “At the time, the district was trying to end grade inflation and to halt the practice of moving students to the next grade level even if they lacked necessary academic skills.”

The McKenna team held fundraisers throughout the week, finalizing their plans to get voters to the polls on Election Day – Tuesday, August 12.


"I'm not running to win a contest. I'm simply extending my service to children and the community by seeking a position on the school board where I can more effectively serve as a policymaker.  The system demands that I run for this office, and I am committed with every fiber of my being to win this campaign," McKenna said.

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