Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ronald Taylor is a statistical anomaly.  By his accounts he should be dead, in jail or a menace to society, but he survived the predicted outcomes for a youth raised without a father in South Los Angeles to become a model dad himself.

Taylor,48, describes his cumbersome life experiences through the eyes and tales of others in similar situations in a gripping, compelling and insightful film documentary ‘Have You Seen My Father?’ which will be screened on Father’s Day June 15 at  Pastor Robert Cole’s Crusaders Temple Church of God in Christ  located at 9100 Hooper Ave. in Los Angeles.                       .

Pastor Cole was Taylor’s  mentor and teacher in the 6th grade at 66th Street Elementary School, and his only positive male role model.

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles by a single mother, Taylor grew up in the bowels of a drug infested and gang dominated community, but did not succumb to it and instead beat the odds.

He emerged from his adolescence disciplined, goal-oriented and driven to become everything his father was not.

Taylor has two sons and made every essential sacrifice to provide housing, clothing and education that have inspired his first documentary film.

 While many urban youths that have fallen victim to the very social safety nets that were instilled to protect them, Taylor is proof that one can overcome the crippling odds.

His elder son attended college, while his youngest son became a promising rap artist with his guidance and investments. 

 His docudrama reveals the African American male journey to manhood through difficult struggle and challenges men and society to take a deeper introspective into their responsibilities to Black fatherhood.

Several Blacks explain their experience with the lack of a father and their riveting saga of becoming fathers themselves.

“Imagine what it must be like to navigate life without the guidance of the man that provided the seed of life,” Taylor asked.

“Have You Seen My Father?” takes you on a provocative and inspiring journey that uncovers the various routes boys and girls experience on their way to adulthood.  Hearing their stirring accounts of what is was like to grow up with or without a father is at once inspiring and eye-opening,” he explained. 


“Simply put, “Have You Seen My Father?” is a must-see film experience.  It is a cautionary tale and a blueprint for responsible parenting – especially the role that fathers play in the development of their offspring,” Taylor concluded.


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