Friday, May 29, 2015

Carson City Councilmember Mike Gipson appears to be the front runner for the 64 AD seat

Carson City Councilmember Mike Gipson's campaign recently released new poll results showing Gipson with a double-digit lead in the four candidate contest for the 64th State Assembly District.  The survey results appear to cement Gipson's position as the frontrunner in a race that is widely considered as one of the most competitive battles of the 2014 election season.

Polling firm, Normington, Petts & Associates, conducted the survey on behalf of the Gipson campaign from March 12 to March 17. In the initial ballot question, Gipson leads with 29% of the vote, and holds a 17 point lead over his nearest opponent.  Notably, his nearest competitor begins his campaign with 12% of the total vote and the remaining two candidates begin their campaigns with 9% and 8% vote share in the district.

"Mike Gipson has opened up a huge lead while the other three candidates are clustered far behind vying for second place," said Gipson's chief strategist Josh Pulliam.  “Mike is the clear choice of the Democratic Party, the California Legislative Black Caucus, Assemblymember Isadore Hall and voters throughout the 64th Assembly District."

Gipson’s lead extends across the district geographically and demographically. He leads in Carson, in Compton, and in Los Angeles. He leads among men and women African-Americans, Latinos and among older voters and younger voters. 




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