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NOTHING GANGTSA ABOUT IT: DeSean Jackson was born in Los Angeles and attended high school football powerhouse Long Beach Poly before he signed a scholarship to attend the University of California Berkley. Last week the Philadelphia Eagles released him alleging his ties to a street gang to prevent paying him $10 million this season.  Associated Press Photo

DeSean Jackson Caught in NFL Racial Cross Bar

Who knows? By the time you digest this story, former Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson will have probably landed on a new team. One that examines his ability to catch a football and run with it. DeSean Jackson was born in Los Angeles and attended high school football powerhouse Long Beach Poly before he signed a scholarship to attend the University of California Berkley.

Being an L.A. native myself, I am sure that throughout his life that Jackson has and probably befriended some individuals who were members or had ties to a street gang. It was undoubtedly some of the same street gang members who prevented Seattle Seahawks star defensive back from joining it when he was roaming around Watts and Compton before he evolved into a scholar athlete at prestigious Stanford. The same street gang members that former NFL and New York Giant Super Bowl winning defensive star Antonio Pierce had no problem with when he decided to accept he head football coaching job at Long Beach Poly a few months ago.

The only common dominator between myself and all of the aforementioned individuals is the color of their skin. We are Black.

Jackson was released from the Philadelphia Eagles last week after he enjoyed the most productive of his six NFL seasons, catching 82 passes for 1,332 yards and scoring 9 touchdowns. Although he had signed a contract extension prior to last season, a balloon payment of $10 million would have kicked off this season. Instead of honoring their commitment to him, the Eagles released Jackson siting his alleged reputed ties with street gang members.

Now, we are talking about Jackson passing through the entire smell test to make to Cal and the entire smell test of the Eagles for six years, but ah hah, we so happen to find something? It’s a ruthless league with no shame on how it dos it thing, and Jackson just became the latest casualty of it. This is the same Eagles team that opened its arms for Michael Vick after he was imprisoned for dog fighting and drafted Jackson in the second round in 2008.

However that was when Andy Reid was the head coach. Reid is now in Kansas City and says he saw no problems with Jackson. Apparently Chip Kelly does? Kelly is the same coach who could not honor a commitment to his starting quarterback Vick when he was injured, carrying out the debate until he foolishly embarrassed himself.

He lied to Vick, lied to Jackson a week ago when he publically indicated Jackson would not be released or cut, but had no problem welcoming back Riley Cooper who used the dreaded N-Word and resigned him for this year. Folk we are talking about the NFL here! The same league that instituted a rule that outlawed the N-Word recently. The same league that initiated a rule banning players from dunking on the goal post in celebration after scoring a touchdown. Subsequently, media reports want to link Jackson’s name with that of charged murderer and former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez.

Jackson has not been charged, tried or convicted of any crime. If he weren’t an NFL star receiver we wouldn’t know or care who his friends are. Blacks are not lab rats. You can't simulate how we live in our communities and then forecast our futures for us.

Perhaps it’s merely expected of white NFL players who hail from uburban upscale communities to go to college and graduate. Where we come from if we can just make to middle school safely, it’s a major achievement.  DeSean Jackson should be applauded for what he has done, and the fact we hasn’t forgot where he came from is all the better.

Lord knows, there are enough of them brothers who leave us or escape us, get permission to be white, only to return when they are broke.














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