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While watching television for one hour, I counted as many as 4 adds suggesting that certain products if taken every day will improve your health. With the explosion of information technology we are often unable to determine what information is true.


To determine if health information is true use these simple guidelines:


      Never buy a product that promises weight loss without diet or exercise


      Never buy a product that cures or prevents the effects of getting older.


      Never buy a product that makes you think better or smarter.


      Never buy a product that treats a systemic disease like hypertension o  diabetes 


The key to health is not found is a magic pill or drink.  The key to a longer and happier life is located in your every day dietary decisions. Look at your food choices. To save money while improving your health take these simple steps:


      Stop fried foods for two weeks


      Stop sweets for two weeks


      Eat oatmeal for breakfast


      Stop beef for two weeks


Don’t believe the hype! Most health products have little if any scientific bases for the claims they make. Save your health dollars by eating a healthy diet rich in fruit, nuts, fiber, and protein. There is no tooth fairy. There is no Santa. There is just you and your health decisions.


Dr. Donald Henderson is Medical Director of Encore Wellness & Weight Loss and has a private practice specializing in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine in Los Angles.


I’d like to hear from you and answer any questions you have regarding your personal health and wellness program. Please update me on your progress by forwarding your questions or comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit for more information on our weight loss and nutrition programs.


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