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Hyacinth McLeod, Higher Scents Fragrance Oils

Among some of the fragrances at Higher Scents Fragrance Oils are Amarige, Fifth Ave, Magie Noir, Tiffany, Volupte and White Shoulders.

Body oils guaranteed to take you to another level.

As pretty and unique as her name, Hyacinth McLeod is more than just a pretty face. Among being a Christian Science nurse (not associated with Scientology), she also specializes in body oils, scents and fragrances with Higher Scents Fragrance Oils (HSFO). A play on her name (Higher Scents/Hyacinth), HSFO was originally started by her mother and McLeod is gladly continuing the tradition.

“My mom was actually the… originator of Higher Scents,” said McLeod. “She found a fragrance called Ombre Rose in the oil form and it was one of her favorite fragrances way back when.”

Impressed with the fragrance and seeing the possibilities, McLeod’s mother did some research and HSFO was born. Eventually, family circumstances would cause her mother to move back east leaving McLeod to run HSFO.

“Now it’s basically just all me, I mean my mother, thank God, is still here [but] now I do the business,” said McLeod.

HSFO features a multitude of fragrances to enchant the mind, body and spirit. Among some of the fragrances offered are Amarige, Fifth Ave, Magie Noir, Tiffany, Volupte and White Shoulders and their more popular scents, Egyptian Musk, Lolita Lampita and Angel just to name a few. Their website features oils for women and men as well as lotions, bath salts and soaps. McLeod says one scent in particular has been in high demand.

“Obama…very, very popular,” said McLeod. “People just like it.”

Not exactly cornering a hidden market, McLeod realizes the competition and feels HSFO stands on its own. HSFO is natural and she wants people to know that they’re getting the real deal with her oils and fragrances. They have been featured vendors of the African Marketplace for 23 years, which is a credit to their product and longevity.

“When people come to Higher Scents Fragrance Oils to get oils, they’re not just getting oils,” said McLeod. “We become friends, we cherish our customers, we don’t take anybody for granted.”

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