Monday, May 25, 2015

Dewayne Benton

When God says move, believe that He’s prepared the way, even if it’s not readily apparent.

Just ask Dewayne Benton, who traveled across the country to launch, a new 24-hour gospel music station airing in the Los Angeles area. 

“I had been in radio for 15 years in Memphis, Tennessee, on one of the top stations in town, which is a gospel format.  Then, in February of this year, my father died and God said it was time for me to leave Memphis,” recalls Benton. 

Rather astounded at the command, he thought, “God, you just want me to quit my job and give up my benefits and all that?

“But, God replied, ‘Do you trust the job more than you trust me?’  So, to me, the answer was clear. I was packing up, I was moving,” he said. 

Arriving in Los Angeles, Benton figured God had paved the way for his easy success. His vision was to develop an Internet gospel station, however, he met a few obstacles.

“I asked some people to help me build this online radio station, but I couldn’t get anybody to help me.  Later, I understood that God was saying, ‘I don’t want anybody to help you. I want you to do it.’ So I did. I launched it and is up and running right now. 

“It’s been a little challenging because I’m bringing something new to Los Angeles, a 24-7 gospel station and it’s been a little challenging trying to connect with the gospel community out here.  But, I’m still pressing,” insisted Benton.

In addition to gospel music, aims to be a community-focused station, publicizing programs and activities offered by nonprofits, neighborhood groups and social service agencies. 

“I’m going to make it my business to make sure that community choirs, community partners, and grassroots workers have a place to get the word out so that we can help people, not just in the Christian community, but in the city itself,” said Benton.

“I want to spread the message that there is a place where you can find out what’s happening in gospel or in the community. Just tune in to”

Benton added that there is a software application for Android and iPhone users. “Just look us up in your app store, it’s in there.

“I have affordable rates for advertising, too. You can get 100, 30-second commercials for just $100. It’s easy and you can get all the details at,” he said.

For more information, call (323) 400-4989.






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