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Postcards Food Truck sits on Crenshaw selling healthy blends of soul food and South American cuisine.

Photo By Troy Tieuel

Food trucks come and go, but great taste resonates in oneís memory forever.  Blending flavors is just like combining fragrances or colors.  Too many combinations can create a harsh or muddy result.  Too few and you got the same old stuff that has been seen before.

Exciting the entertainment field, Greg King took his love for food and his history as a child whose parents ran two restaurants, one, called Maze Cafe that was in the Crenshaw area and combined them into a serious ëdriveí to start his own food based enterprise that he calls Postcard Food Truck.

Some would speculate as to why an entrepreneur would begin with a food truck, as opposed to other restaurateurs who started a successful restaurant first and then expanded into the food truck market.  "Starting with the food truck gives you the ability to learn the business," explains King, "You have an opportunity to work and survey various areas to determine which areas work best for you.  If you eventually start a restaurant, youíve done the legwork and you know what areas best suit your type of food."

His experiences as a child raised by two professional restaurateurs caused his understanding of food and his love for cooking to blossom.  King admits to undergoing serious lessons in cooking from his parents and helping out in the restaurants as a child.

Love and food mix like beans and rice as King traded recipes with a friend from South America and his taste pallet exploded with new and exciting possibilities.  Combining South American flavors with traditional soul food, he put together a menu and concept for a mobile food truck.  Utilizing his financial and business expertise garnered through a masterís in business administration from Vanderbilt University, King gathered the necessary capital and a custom built gourmet food truck, styled to his taste.

King calls the combination of Central American and Soul food "Central American Soul Fusion."  Among his top sellers are the Beef Brisket Wrap, the Chicken and Collard Greens Wrap and his various bowls.

Each quarter, Postcard Food Truck will promote three up and coming artists via a postcard promotion.

"Postcards really kind of dealt with the theme of, 'I really love art and I like giving back.'  So with Postcards, one of the things we do in regards to a marketing campaign is that we create a postcard every quarter, and that postcard features art from local artist."  This quarter features artist Donnie Wilson.  Wilson is not only a visual artist, but a playwright as well.

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