Sunday, May 24, 2015

Son of rap legend Eazy E calls friend and journalist Jasmyne Cannick to say he's OK - He rented car involved in the fatal crash

DALLAS - It just wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without someone starting a Twitter rumor about a celebrity death.

For the record … Compton's Eric Wright Jr. a.k.a. Lil Eazy E is not dead.

Wright Jr. called friend, journalist, and fellow Compton native Jasmyne Cannick New Year's Eve and left her a message to set the record straight stating that he’s alive albeit not that well.

According to the Associated Press, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Ryan Case said that Eric Wright Jr.’s name was on a rental agreement for one of the cars that collided Friday, December 30 in East Texas. Trooper case said that Wright was mistakenly listed as killed but actually was not involved in the wreck.

Wright, who raps under the stage name is Lil’ Eazy-E, posted on Twitter that close friends died. Those killed in the rental car were: Debra Thompson of Long Beach, Calif.; and Curtis Sanders, Michael Mathis, Lawrence Bridnac III, of Compton, Calif.

Those killed in the other car were 29-year-old Sonia de la Torre, of Annona, and her three young children.

The fiery wreck occurred on a curve about a mile outside of Annona, a town about 150 miles northeast of Dallas.

Authorities said there were no witnesses to the crash on a remote stretch of U.S. 82, and everyone in both vehicles were killed. There were no skid marks, and investigators do not know how fast the vehicles were traveling.

The eastbound car with the four California residents crossed a center line and struck de la Torre’s westbound car. Her 8-year-old daughter Erica, 6-year-old son Saul Jr. and 10-month-old son Eric were riding with her.

Cannick said that she's saddened to hear about the loss of Lil E’s cousin and the the 7 other victims, but that she's glad that he’s alive and well.

Visit our website to hear the audio of Lil Eazy E explaining what happened.

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