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In this shop, you'll find it's never to late to be sassy...

“In my shop [we say], ‘sing like nobody’s listening and dance like nobody’s watching,’ and that’s what I consider being sassy,” said My Sassie’ Boutique owner Edna Bordenave.

She opened the shop last year in Crenshaw Square, she said, aiming to help customers “sass up their wardrobes with a little cash.”

“I just wanted to create and have an atmosphere where people can look and say, ‘that’s inviting,’” Bordenave explained.

“And then I wanted it to be something affordable that wouldn’t [break] your budget.”

Shoes, purses and accessories are her main sale, however she does carry some clothing items.

“I’ve always been attracted to shoes, purses and accessories,” Bordenave, who hails from New Orleans recalled.

“When I was about six or seven-years old, I had girlfriends, one was a little older, one was my age and we had these dolls that were like 36 inch dolls. So, what we decided to do and my mother told me, ‘I knew you were going to be in sales or doing something [like that] because you put together a fashion show with those little dolls and charged a nickel to get in.’ We had our mothers sew clothes for all those dolls and we had a fashion show…”

Adulthood, as it usually does, brought on reality and Bordenave’s entrepreneurial dreams were put on hold as she navigated her way through corporate America. She spent years using her sales and marketing talents at companies like Coca Cola and Sisco Foods. But the spirit was always there, hovering, she said.

“I knew it was in me,” said Bordenave.

 “My mother taught me how to sew at a young age and I’ve always felt that I wanted to do something to make people happy and it’s always been my desire to do something with clothes. I decided this last past year to go for it.”

She caters to women of all ages, “anybody who wants to be sassy without breaking their budget.”

“Is there an age that you can put on that concept? No, there isn’t. It’s a mindset,” Bordenave explained.

My Sassie’ Boutique is located at 3858 Crenshaw Blvd. For more information call 323-454-7595

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