Friday, February 27, 2015

Libby Clark, one-of-a-kind reporter.

At 94, she came to the Sentinel last October and said, "I want my press pass for 'Taste of Soul,'" according to Brenda Marsh-Mitchell

What one's friends and associates say about his/her associate in the workplace is an indication of a person's work and worth.  According to veteran employees at the Los Angeles Sentinel, Libby Clark worked for the paper for 50 years; she was the food editor.

Cheryl Tillman Lee, Sentinel's Family editor, herself a longtime Sentinel employee said, "Libby Clark played a pivotal role in molding and shaping the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper. Fifty years as Sentinel Food Editor, and Sentinel News Editor, she possessed a unique aggression and nose for news that loaned itself perfectly to her ability, personality and a style of writing that spawned in-depth knowledge.  Clark soared to new heights, taking her columns and stories nationally through syndication. Her section truly reflected her popularity, reportorial skills and ingenuity.  She thoroughly enjoyed reporting positive stories about African American life.  A grateful public and readership honored her with many awards and accolades during her lifetime at the Los Angeles Sentinel. She left pleasant memories and accomplishments that will be forever cherished by a grateful populace.

Larry Aubry, a longtime Sentinel columnist said, "She was the prototype of a professional journalist in many ways.  She was concerned; she was effective; and her phone book contained a wealth of information about prominent Black people in Los Angeles.  In her own way, she left an indelible mark on Los Angeles Black community."

Virgie Murray, another longtime associate of Clark, who was also a veteran Sentinel editor, the Religion editor said, "Libby Clark will sorely be missed, she loved Los Angeles and the history of this city.  She delighted in taking a walk down memory lane and talking about the early socialites of the city and the clubs. She kept pictures of early events and enjoyed showing and reliving the moments. Libby put the food section together with expertise, she knew the making for dishes and strived to give her readers the best."

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