Friday, May 22, 2015

I recall being afraid to accept myself caring so deeply for a woman that I would not allow myself to actually love her, beyond a moment of lust. This became so easy for me that I created a persona around being single and enjoying it! What I truly enjoyed was, not having to answer to my own fear! I did not have to accept anyone other than myself and by doing so, I would never become hurt emotionally. 

I dwelled within that mindset so long that my personal opinion pertaining to relationships actually warped my mentality. If the woman I was dating was not absolutely perfect, it was easy to dismiss the possibility of a relationship. That way, I could enjoy the attention and possibly affections of another potential suitor, yet only to distinguish her as flawed, thus again, not worthy of my actual truth!

I looked at myself in the mirror, fortunately, years ago, and recognized how truly weak I am! I directed myself to change my life style, my behaviors, and my overall perception of reality! Fidelity is not the issue for me as it is for many others. My issue was "Love." Not the actual state of being in love, yet, the acceptance of love and the obligation that comes within that! 

Oddly, after making these leaps of acceptance, I met a woman who is beyond a jewel of mental and physical attraction. She is true! True in a blemished form of existence, yet, amazingly, the most honest person in reflection of authenticity. 

So, even though I write these words with my love in mind! I share them with the world, so that your truest self, you some day find! Please, give to your self the greatest personal gift! "Acceptance." 

By doing so, you will offer to this world, the type of energy that affords you the healthiest existence imaginable! 


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