Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pasadena Police Officers Acquitted

Prosecutors state officers acted lawfully in the shooting of Kendrec McDade.

Kendrec McDade


By Brian W. Carter

Sentinel Staff Writer


The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has ruled in favor of Pasadena police officers, Jeffrey Newlen and Mathew Griffin, in the shooting of 19-year old Kendrec McDade. It has been determined that the police officers responded with necessary force when they fatally shot the unarmed teenager.


A letter, received Monday, from the district attorney's Justice System Integrity Division stated an investigation concluded the officers acted in lawful self-defense and in defense of others.


On March 24, McDade was shot after a false 911 call from Oscar Carillo claiming to have been robbed by assailants at gunpoint. It was stated that McDade was seen reaching for his waistband during a pursuit. Prosecutors stated that McDade was shot twice, one officer having wounded him, the second from the other officer believing Mcdade had opened fire.


Carillo, an undocumented worker, stated in the 911 call eight times that men who robbed him were armed. It was later reveled that he admitted to having lied about the suspects being armed to a quicker response. Carillo was arrested on manslaughter charges but prosecutors declined to charge him.


Caree Harper, attorney for McDade's father Kenneth McDade, has stated she didn’t agree with the D.A.'s ruling, especially with D.A.’s ruling concerning Carillo.


“You can't have both, either (Carrillo) is responsible or he's not, you can't have it both ways,” said Harper.


“You can't slice the story, cut and splice it the way you like it you argue out of both sides of your mouth. Either he is responsible for making a false report and he should be held accountable and officers should have responded code three with cameras activated, or they didn't believe the false report.”


The McDade shooting happened after the controversial Trayvon Martin shooting, which raised even more ire earlier this year.  



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