Friday, May 29, 2015

Aunt Lottie Fairgood

Mrs. Charlotte Boykins Fairgood, popularly known as ‘Aunt Lottie,’ is one of the best-looking, sound-minded, 105-year-old women in Los Angeles.

Born on Christmas Eve in 1907, she declared, “I thank the Lord for my long life.  I thank Jesus for 105 years.”

A Los Angeles resident since 1930, Aunt Lottie has been well known for her philanthropy throughout her life.  Also, she served more than 50 years as an evangelist, although that was God’s plan, not hers.

Her niece, LaJoyce Earkman, said, “She was supposed to star in ‘Gone With the Wind’ with Hattie McDaniels. Then, she was called Sweet Lottie B, the Girl with the Million Dollar Figure.”

Aunt Lottie remembered, “But, the Lord called me to the ministry. I was going to get into the movies and the Lord spoke to me to go to church. I’m so glad the Lord didn’t let me go into the movies.  I’d probably be dead by now. The Lord saved me that night and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit the next night. Hallelujah!”

She retired from the ministry at age 80, but she is still leads an active life. “The doctor said I don’t have any disease but arthritis.  My thyroid gland is perfect and that’s the gland that rules your mind,” said Aunt Lottie.

“She’s just an amazing, beautiful person and has helped a lot of people through her community outreach efforts. It’s a blessing to touch the life of someone who has touched so many,” said Ms. Earkman. 


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